Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 5 july 2017

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 5 july 2017

The Episode begins with bacha log having fun on the swings. Kartik signs Naira and Naira smiles..then goes. After seeing a message Swarna gets into tension. She calls her brother. She says guests are coming, if that parcel comes, no I can’t let anyone get that parcel. She collides with Gayu. All the things fall down. Dadi says where is your focus, you dropped all the shagun. Swarna says so sorry. Naksh says we will gather it. Bhabhi maa says its fine, did you get hurt. Swarna says no, I m fine. Dadi asks Swarna to keep some respect. Naira and Kartik look on. Naira hugs her family members. Devyaani compliments her.Swarna says I will instruct guard not to get parcel inside the house. Dadi calls her out and asks her to start the ritual.

Swarna prays to God that no one can gets that parcel except her. Kartik stops Naksh. Kirti requests Naksh to stay back, Kartik will get company. Naksh was like what will i do. Kirti says for a change, don’t do anything. Naksh says I forgot told you that, I have planted the plant you gave me.He that showed the picture to her. Dadi says we do things well, Surekha get special gifts. Swarna asks them to take peacock feathers. Baisa says she talks so much. Devyaani says let her talk. Gayu says sorry and helps Dadi. Dadi laughs and then blesses Gayu. Gayu says don’t stay annoyed. Dadi says I said, be happy. Gayu says maybe she agreed. Naira sits on swing. Kartik comes and says I m looking at you, you are so busy. He stops her and starts doinf flirt with her. She says I understand your love, requests him to not get mehndi on his hands.But Kartik refuses to agree to that. Dadi brings bangles and mehndi but Naira’s Dadi objects to them. Naira is really happy to see those colourful bangles and Dadi passes a smile. They start with the celebration and mehndi ceremony. Naira and Keerti dance along with everybody.

Swarna sees the courier guy getting parcel. She worries and tries to get it. She is about to go get the parcel when Naira pulls her to dance together. The maid gets the parcel and brings it in when it falls from her hands. Suhana is troubled when Dadi says that its her parcel and it should be kept in her room. Suhana realises that its not her parcel so she is relieved. Naira looks at Suwarna ans she goes. Everyone sit to choose bangles. Baisa bargains. Dadi asks the lady to take any price, she is giving money. Baisa asks do we have less money that you are showing off. Dadi says I want to keep everything happy, I don’t like bargaining in shagun things, show me red colors. Baisa buys green one. Naira says we will mix Lak and glass bangles, it will be good design and keep hearts of both Baisa and Dadi. Baisa asks Kirti to have bangles, I tell Gayu also, Sawan will come in your life also, I will make you wear. Kirti says no. Baisa makes her wear bangles. Keerti empathises with Rishi to make him talk about the pain he’s feeling, just like her.He says that he feels alone but Keerti says that he can take other’s hands and get out of it. She offers to help whenever required for she feels the same and knows that family and friends can help them throughout.and She goes.


Precap: Baisa says your destiny will get good some day. Dadi rebukes Baisa. She says I will get Kirti’s marriage done in a good family.

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