WOw! LG's New mosquito-repellent phone,Let's Know About Feature

WOw! LG’s New mosquito-repellent phone,Let’s Know About Feature

LG has launched a new smartphone, the LG K7i, that the company says will repel mosquitoes using ultrasonic waves. The company claims the device addresses a real concern in the phone’s target market—India—but many scientists say the underlying tech does not, in fact, repel mosquitoes. The device comes with a new rear cover that can be popped on to the back of the device and can instantly turn it into a mosquito repellent.

The rear cover features a speaker that produces ultrasonic frequencies, which the company claims will drive away mosquitoes. Other than this feature, the device is a rather simple device with average specifications. The add on rear cover gives the LG K7i ability to produce sounds at 30KHz which is harmful for mosquitoes but not humans.

However, the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) and other groups say it won’t work. Texas A&M University entomology professor Dr. Roger Gold spent years running studies that have debunked ultrasonic bug repellant as well. According to the AMCA: “At least 10 studies in the past 15 years have unanimously denounced ultrasonic devices as having no repellency value whatsoever.” The organization goes on to say that nevertheless, the tech has proven to be an “exceedingly effective marketing tool for the repeller manufacturers.”

The device will be available at a price of Rs 7,990 and will be available via offline outlets. Currently, the device is only available in Brown.

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