Western Digital Has Launched World's Largest Storage Hard Drive

Western Digital Has Launched World’s Largest Storage Hard Drive

Western Digital has launched Ultrastar Hs14, the world’s largest storage hard drive. According to the company’s claim, Ultrastar Hs14 is the world’s first hard drive with a storage capacity of 14 TB. Its data transfer speed is 223MiB / s, which is approximately 233 MB / s.

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According to the company’s claim, MTBF (mean time between failures) of this drive is 2.5 million hours. That is, you can record it for many years and it will not fail. However, we cannot buy it because it is currently only for Western Digital clients.

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However, in the future, the company can release it to other people as well. With this hard drive, 5 years warranty will be available. The company has not disclosed its value. It is said that the company is going to launch a 16TB storage hard drive next year. Preparations are underway for this.

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