Why Teens Are More Depressed Than Adults?, Know Reason

Why Teens Are More Depressed Than Adults?, Know Reason

Nowadays, Teenagers are more depressed and more declined to suicide. Now teenagers are less socially active and always try to spend time alone. According to our researchers, who has blamed the rise of smartphones for the problem.
Jean Twenge, a psychology professor at San Diego State, wrote in The Atlantic this week that she’s noticed a number of stark behavioral changes in teens since smartphones became popular.

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She found the following main point and mentioned in her research

Teens go out a lot less with friends and on fewer dates.
They are much less interested in driving.
They report feeling lonely a lot more often.
Rates of depression and suicide have “skyrocketed” since 2011.
The more time they spend looking at screens, the more depressed they say they feel — “There’s not a single exception” among any age group, Twenge writes.

Adolescence has always been a hard time, and a lot of kids feel left out or ignored by their peers. But Twenge argued that smartphones and social media make it even worse because when people do go out, they post pictures of their activities—making it clear how much fun they were having.

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Yet overall, Twenge painted a pretty convincingly grim picture, and she suggests that parent should limit the time of their kids to watch TV, access computer while they are alone in a room and less time to phones.

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