Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review :The Best Galaxy Note Ever

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review :The Best Galaxy Note Ever

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has everything in terms of the features that the S8 and the S8+ have to offer. Additionally, the Galaxy Note 8 offers an improved camera with dual-lens and a bigger 6.3-inch screen which is the best in smartphones. And not to forget the S-Pen, which in the right hands could work wonders. The Galaxy Note 8 is very competitively priced for Rs 67,900. Having said that Samsung has recently reduced the price of flagship Galaxy S8 and S8+ to Rs 53,990 and Rs 60,990.

The company just unveiled its 5500 mAh offering for the Samsung Galaxy Note8, along with the promise of around 48 hours of talk time, 16 hours of video watching or 74 hours of music streaming time extra on the phone. Of course, those numbers are purely subjective and your mileage may vary. However, what you can definitely count on is at least one full recharge of your Note8’s sealed in battery from the extra pack in the case. Perhaps even a bit more. Makes sense, since you do have to account for conversion losses during charging. Gone are the days of removable batteries and simpler extended battery solutions.

Samsung’s current goal is to develop a display with a 3R curvature. 3R is basically a number that shows how far a display can be bent. The same figure also indicates the curvature that covers a circle with a radius of 3 mm.

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