The Most Romantic And Beautiful Love Story Of Real Elderly Couple

The Most Romantic And Beautiful Love Story Of Real Elderly Couple

Anyone who watched “Up” animation was probably thrilled by the love story of the elderly couple, Carl and Ellie Fredricksen. In today’s times of liquid loves and disposable relationships, it is rare to see a long-lasting relationship.
Russian photographer Irina Nedyalkova captured the intimate moments of the couple in a stunning photo shoot, which was widely covered by media across the world. While some said the photos captured the eternity of love, others were awestruck by the chemistry of the pair.

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“Our photo shooting is performance and improvisation of a love story on the set. Sergey and Valentina are incredibly beautiful models from the one-of-a-kind model agency @oldushkamodels. They have never been familiar before,” Nedyalkova wrote in an Instagram post.

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After these images were posted on Facebook, they were quickly shared worldwide with an extremely positive response. Sergei, who is 45-years-old, and Valentine, who is 62, created a beautiful love story which made everyone on the set cry. They have never been familiar before, however, they managed to take over the hearts of thousands of people, showing what our lives are really about. Scroll down to see this heartwarming photo shoot for yourself.

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She also wrote on her Facebook account,”The characters had been chosen in advance. I clicked it with my group of photographers knew that they were not a real couple with a beautiful love story. We directed our photo shooting, as in a movie. However, we could not restrain ourselves from crying, we turned away, sobbed, wiped away tears and believed in our characters.
Believe or not? This is the question.
Tell me, why do we go to the cinemas?
First of all, we go there for emotions, we watch, feel and empathize. We trust actors and do not wonder whether they are real or not. Right?
It seems to me that our photo shooting was a success, once it caused a sensation. What do you think?.”

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