Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZDI+ AGS Review

Maruti Suzuki Dzire ZDI+ AGS Review

In the past year, I have had three compact sedans come in and out of my long-term test garage and now I have the new avatar of the segment leader giving me company for the monsoons. With our long-term Elantra still awaiting parts at the Hyundai dealership for the third month in a row, the Dzire is more than happy to fill in, joining the Hyundai Xcent in my parking.

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This is the range-topping diesel automatic (ZDI+ AGS), meaning it has the convenient automated manual transmission, the automatic headlamps and the touchscreen infotainment system that happily pairs with my phone via Apple CarPlay.Stop and go traffic can be a bit of problem for this transmission though, highlighting its jerky behavior at slow speeds and its annoying nature to be overtly eager to get off the line. But it is a small problem to live with compared to operating a springy clutch day in and day out.

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Quick trips to the hills around Lonavala are a norm during the monsoons, and the Dzire has no problem ferrying four adults in comfort. The boot is also quite large to swallow everyone’s luggage for a weekend getaway. With those skinny tires though, the Dzire can be unnerving on the wet concrete roads. More so with the new chassis making the Dzire feel very light on its feet.
It certainly imparts an airy feel though and feels uplifting amidst the gloomy weather that I have been commuting long hours in.

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The Dzire’s been quite fuel-efficient too! Despite the frequent traffic jams, the good ol’ DDiS motor has been consistently returning over 17kmpl in the city with the air conditioning running all the time. The highway trips have seen it sip far less fuel with an economy of over 22kmpl.

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